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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Open Access?

“Open-access (OA) literature is digital, online, free of charge, and free of most copyright and licensing restrictions” (Peter Suber). See more on open access definition by Peter Suber here and in Wikipedia.

Who can submit works to IHU repository?

All IHU members can submit to IHU repository community titled “International Hellenic University Scholar Works” and its collections. This includes students, alumni, academia and administrative staff, given that the content of their submission(s) consists of research.

Also, an accredited member of the Municipality of Thessaloniki can submit more items to enrich the collection of the archive of the Municipality of Thessaloniki. Access for submission to this collection is prohibited to IHU members, except the system administrator and moderators.

What type of materials can be submitted?

As for the content type, the IHU repository accepts research material only.

Only the collection of the Municipality of Thessaloniki hosts archival material, but submission to this collection is restricted to IHU members.

As for the file type, the IHU repository can accept any file types. See the acceptable file types here.

Will my publisher allow me to deposit my published work into IHU repository?

Most of the publishers have gone open access. To find out what version (pre-print, post-print, publisher’s version) you are allowed to publish in IHU Repository visit the SHERPA/RoMEO Project.

For forthcoming publications make sure you use the addendum proposed in the IHU Open Access Policy as well as the information on how get the most out of it.

Still having doubts? You can always contact us.

What are pre-prints and post-prints?

Pre-print is the version of your research draft prior to peer-review.

Post-print is the version of your research draft after peer-review.

The publisher’s version is the post-print draft formatted exactly as appears on the journal.

How do I deposit works into IHU repository?

Visit the help section on the repository main menu bar. Select between the submission quick guide or the full user guide video or text.