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According to the IHU Open Access Policy, IHU Library makes use of the following open licenses:

All kinds of material:

All Creative Commons licenses v.4.0.

Note: According to our mandate, all Master’s dissertations are assigned the Attribution-Non Commercial Creative Commons license, CC BY NC v.4.0.

For all other material creators can select any of the available Creative Commons licenses.

Source code material:

  • GNU General Public License (GPL) v.3.0n
  • GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) v.3.0
  • GNU Affero General Public License (AGPL) v.3.0
  • GNU Free Documentation License (FDL) v.1.3

See all GNU licenses.

In case you want to use a source code open license, other than those proposed here, you may do so declaring it during the submission process using the field “other source code license” as shown in the image below.

other source code license

Non-Exclusive distribution license

In the last step of the submission process you will be asked to grant the IHU Library the non-exclusive distribution license. This license gives the Library the right to publish your work online in the IHU Repository.

It is useful to know that:

  1. According to copyright law, copyright remains to the creator(s), unless otherwise stated by them.
  2. By using the above licenses you only grant usage rights to potential users. Copyright remains to the creator(s).